The Rules

1.Contestants will be picked from the tickets issued the day of the       event.  The first contestant chosen  for each round will pick the first catagory.  One contestant from the Facebook Fan Page may be picked at the discretion of the Game Show Host.

2. Each contestant will be assigned a wireless buzzer that locks out the other contestants when they are the first to push it.

3. Each contestant must keep their hand on the buzzer at all times, slamming the buzzer will automatically disqualify the contestant.

4. Only the player that buzzes in first will be allowed to answer the question, regardless of whether or not you know the answer.   If the first player is incorrect, the next player to immediately buzz in will be able to answer the question, and so on.  Each wrong answer is penalized for the amount of the question.

5. The player with the most points at the end of the round is the winner.

6. The decision of your Game Show Host/Judge is final.

Daily Double:  Players are able to bet up to the amount that they currently have accumulated.   Players with a negative score will be able to bet up to 500 points.