Do you want to make your sales on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night like a Friday or Saturday Night? We have the answer for you.

In a June 6, 2011 article written in NIGHTCLUB & BAR MAGAZINE called "Get in the Game" , the point is made that "any regular at your bar will tell you it’s not only the cool beer list or refreshing cocktail menu that keep them coming back, but also the vibe of the place. Part of that energy is the entertainment options available. By including a few gaming systems — anything from state-of-the-art action games to trivia games — or a jukebox, a range of guests will be visually stimulated and engaged. That means while they’re staying to play, they also will be paying to drink and eat."

         Two hours before the first round of GAME SHOW TRIVIA starts, everyone that enters your facility will receive one free raffle ticket for a chance to play in one of our four rounds. For every drink purchased, they will receive an additional ticket for a chance to play. Each food item purchased will entitle your customers to 3 more chances to play.  Thus stimulating greater sales.

We can customize the show to fit your atmosphere. Bigger venue, no problem. Smaller venue, no problem. Need the questions to fit a specific theme?- NO PROBLEM.

Equipment?  Don't have a big screen TV or projector?  NO PROBLEM,  WE DO!  We can bring a projector and screen to any venue and can have a game board as large as a 25 foot screen. 

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